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thumbnailRoyal Pharmacy offers only the best pharmaceutical products to cure and alleviate your pain, ailments and health issues. Our pharmacy is a sure armor and relief to all kinds of medical sufferings as we offer you a wide array of medical supplies and services.

Our pharmacists also conduct private consultations as our way to deliver valuable advice in fulfilling your medication therapy plan. We are proven to be a holistic pharmaceutical agency for years as we continually provide only the safest and most reliable health aids and services at Royal Pharmacy.

Our Mission Statement

To provide high quality Pharmacy services, to improve patient outcomes by meeting and exceeding customer expectations by providing cost effective solutions… Caring and professional services through innovation and continuous improvement. About Us ›

Services We Offer

We are in the pursuit of providing quality service that will make your lives easier and your health more stable. Read about the many conveniences you can get from our drugstore.


Customized Medications for your unique needs! Royal Pharmacy offers this service to patients who wish to take their meds in alternative forms that are not usually available in commercially distributed drugs.

Generic Plan

Generic Meds cost less but their quality is ensured by Royal Pharmacy! We offer you a wide range of quality Generic Medications.


Choose from our wide range of competitively priced and high quality vitamins! Let’s keep you healthy with health boosters that will preserve your family’s health.

Special Packaging

With customized packaging, you can manage your meds and prescriptions easier.